Timetable for Club Champs Sun 22nd June

Published: June 2014

Dear Parents,    Timetable here
Please see the final timetable. Print it out so that you have a copy to look at during the day. There have been a few changes since the provisional timetable. Here are the main changes:

The U9 long jump is now at 12.30pm and I have split the group into girls and boys with the girls starting at 12.30pm and the boys at 1pm.
800m is now 11.45pm   , 300m and 400m  2.15pm,   Javelin 10am and shot 11am

Tara is kindly organising a raffle so if you have any possible raffle prizes that you are willing to donate please bring them to the club house.
A few things to help the day run smoothly:

Please spectate from the area around the track. Please do not cross the infield as it is very dangerous when throws are going on.
Please ensure that your child wears his/her club number pinned back and front to their club top. If you have lost your number you will be given a spare one.
Please check in at the club house  45 mins before your event.
Please register with the official at your event 10 minutes before the start time. If there is a clash in your events, track takes priority over field. If you are unsure of what to do please ask as there will be plenty of helpers to guide you.
The event goes ahead whatever the weather!
If it is hot please remember hats, suncream and plenty of water.
Medina Catering will be running a BBQ and there will be soft drinks, hot drinks, crisps and cakes available in the canteen. Thank you to everyone who will be making cup cakes, we can never have too many!
I am in the process of finalising the jobs rota and I will email it you all soon. There are still a few spaces on the rotas in the club house so it would be great if these could be filled. Thank you.
All profit from the day will go toward the cost of transport to Guernsey for our Inter-Insular team on  Sunday 14th September.

We have over 170 competitors so please be aware that parking will be a problem.
Thank you again for all of the offers of help.
Kind regards