Island Games Standards 2015

Published: July 2014



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(Extract from the Island Games Association Rules)

To be considered for entry, athletes must meet the following criteria as set out by the Island Games Association:

Athletics By-laws

1 Competition Rules

1.1 The Athletics events are to be organised under IAAF rules.

1.2 Age Limits

1.2.1 The minimum age limit for both male and female competitors will be 15 years and for the Half Marathon 18 years as at the 1st of June in the year of the particular Games at which such competitor wishes to compete. No dispensation will be given.

Section 6 - Conditions For Representing An Island

To represent an Island, a competitor may qualify either by:

6.1 having been born on that Member Island.

6.2 A competitor may be considered to have been born on a Member Island if the mother was normally resident on that island immediately prior to the birth and returned to the island soon after.

6.3 Having been resident on that Member Island for the period of twelve consecutive months prior to the date of the Opening Ceremony of the Games intended to participate in.

6.4 Any person wishing to gain qualification under 6.3 and who is following a programme of study or involved in military service out of the Member Island shall be deemed to be a permanent resident for the purpose of qualification.

Any competitor not complying with the above shall be subject to an automatic

disqualification from the Games.

Section 7 - Eligibility To Compete

A competitor to be eligible to compete in a Games shall comply with Section 6 and


7.1 Comply with the rules and regulations laid down by the International Federation

governing their sport.

7.2 Not be currently under disqualification or suspension under the rules of the relevant

International Federation or their own member Sports Association.


2.  QUALIFYING STANDARDS: The qualifying standards are displayed in the Jersey Spartan Club Room and are also available on the web site:

"B" Standards will only come into operation in an event where only one competitor has achieved the "A" Standard.

If no athlete has achieved the "A" Standard in an event, the "B" Standard will not come into consideration.

An athlete who has attained an "A" standard may compete in any event in which they have the "B" standard provided that there exists a space.

If selected for relays an athlete will be able to compete in another event provided that they have the "B" standard in that event and that there is a space available.

Individual Events:

Only two competitors will be selected per event.

Team Events:

Relays:  6 competitors may be selected.

Half Marathon:  Up to 3 competitors will be selected.

‘If more than two athletes (3 for the half marathon) achieve the Qualifying Standard in any event, the following will be taken into consideration:

Level of performance
Current form


Athletes must complete an application for selection form
To be considered for selection, athletes must achieve the Qualifying Standard in the competition years 2014/15 the closing date is 1st June 2015.
Athletes must inform the Team Manager of intention to try to gain selection before 1st April 2015.